AI or Human – who is a better writer?

Hands down… so far, nothing can beat a sophisticated human mind. But AI, of course, fascinates me and, in some way, scares me. It learns too quickly. I’m wondering how the book market will look in 15 years. Will we be reading AI books with the same wonder we are reading Tolstoy? 

 I decided to check and give a review for some famous AI sites/programs available for us writers right now. I hope there’s no news that I’ve been using RYTRclick to check – for the last two years to create advertising copy, business pitches, or ideas, or – let’s say if I stack and have writer’s block – a plot; plus, it can write cover emails, google ads, keywords, product description, poems and songs, and much more. RYTR is some kind of AI assistant tool, but it doesn’t write extensive texts or books. I recommend it, though. For example, it writes any blurb in seconds and gives you a lot of different variants. You can also choose a humorous, funny, or serious tone (there are 22 to choose from). They are a bit similar, so I often pick three different variants and then, from 3 create 1. 

 Yesterday I checked NovelAI NOVELAI.NET. This is a new program for me. I had never used it before, and I have to say it was a fun experience. This program is made to write with you and learn from you. I have to admit; it can create content… The best part is that you are writing your text just like in Word, and then you hit the “send button,” and AI writes you 1-2 paragraphs, then it stops, and you are invited to continue. And so on. In some way, it’s like writing with a partner, probably someone you don’t know very well; there’s always some surprise in the air – you don’t really know where you’ll end up. I recommend trying it out, especially if you have writer’s block or want to have fun. You can permanently delete words and sentences, just like in Word. You don’t need to be an expert; just provide a short blurb or the first paragraph of your story. 

 Would I use it for writing a short story or a book? No. And I don’t recommend it. It might work for young people, but it is all too dull for the mind like mine. There’s no nuance, no originality there… but it can work as an introductory text for a short story, which you can develop into something more fun and beautiful afterward. So, is it worth it? Well, you tell me… Go and try it!

I also played a bit with a tool called Atomic Habits  GPTBOOK.Club 

 This program with AI-powered book summaries offers the ability to ask questions and receive a book-sourced answer. It is an excellent tool. Sometimes, we need quick info and don’t want to google… because in Google, you have to click on each link and find information. In tools like Atomic Habits, the info is already represented as an answer to your question. I can recommend it for some research. If you need deep analysis, Google and the library are still friends. 

Next, I tried the AIWriter tool for writing blog posts and articles AI-WRITER.COM.

Well, I got a lovely long article… still, it needed a human touch. But it writes in seconds, and then you can work with the text. I’m sure the internet is overloaded with the posts made in AIWriter right now… so should you follow the trend? That’s the question…

There’s also BrainAI (with a yearly subscription), which is AI for everything – it can create images (text to image), write, translate, copywrite, check texts, and make videos, but I think it’s too much. I’m not sure it’s worth it unless you need it for work. 

 One more AIWriter tool –  in different languages: (even Swedish). Works for blogging, marketing, and advertising, but not for writing.

Well, there are many more AI tools there, but my conclusion is – of course, AI offers speed and efficiency. Because of that, it saves our time (we NEVER have enough time, right?). The text is usually clean and highly readable (primarily by Google); the tools provide some accuracy and creativity but still lack originality, feelings, and, most important – fantasy in their work. It’s simply boring after two minutes. But what will happen in 10-15 years? 

PS. Btw this blog post is checked with the Grammarly tool, so if there are any typos or mistakes – blame AI! And the pictures in this post (99%) are generated with AI, too. Enjoy. 

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