chapter 32 of absurdist comedy, The Story of Harmless Bullet

Day 32  In the teeth of lost memory  /absurdist comedy/  Do you remember the words of Henry Miller? “Life’s wildest moment — she kneels on the sidewalk. Everything else she does is lies, lies, lies.” This is how I felt — used by every woman I’ve met so far, especially by Mrs.Continue Reading

action changes things, the power of positive change

Based on the book “Build for Tomorrow” by Jason Feifer (Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur)  We all know the saying: “To say goodbye is to die a little!” Just when life seems to be rolling, something happens, and then there we are – with zilch – right back where we started. Life somehowContinue Reading

Can I start with a personal question, Ryan? What was your family like, growing up? I grew up on a family farm outside of Coaldale, Alberta, Canada. Tiny one-stoplight town. Everyone knew everyone. I was a 4-H member. But I was also an only child and my mom loved movies. So, IContinue Reading

moral dilemma, can't choose between yes, maybe or no

Written by Erla Maas  You notice that your friend has stolen something from the store. You know that your friend’s actions are wrong, but he is your friend. Do you rat out your friend, even if he is doing something wrong or not? Welcome to the moral dilemma! A moral dilemma determines howContinue Reading

Day 31 The Qi Attack   /absurdist comedy/  It was a long corridor – a room where anything could happen on the way to the object of your desires. It had a narrow entry, approximately 300 meters long that gradually decreased in size, then turned into a small tight tunnel. I waved toContinue Reading

 What is the best way to stay positive? How do you overcome negative thoughts? Read on…   Some days we tell ourselves that we can achieve anything in life. We are beautiful, generous, powerful, joyful, and inspiring. We are living here and now. And we are ready to meet whatever life throws atContinue Reading