Book Review. My GRL, by John W. Howell

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When life lands a hammer blow in your face, the best way to respond is to buy a book by John W. Howell. Or all of them! Swipe-Up Dallas Review

The bodies of the three men were found in my apartment yesterday. I’d like to invite John W. Howell to solve the crime. It will make my day. Bored billionaire

They say that when you’re about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. I need it… Oh, how I need it, John! Madly Noir Reader

Either you’re going to shoot me, or I’ll find you, John J. Cannon.  Mum of two, divorced. Passionate thriller junky. Looking for a wedding (preferably on the boat).


Sometimes the unexpected comes to us like a giant wave and knocks us down. In this book, the name of a wave is My GRL…

John J. Cannon is a lawyer who takes time off from his job, with a purpose to spend a year or two on the Mustang Island. In this beautiful place, he meets Gerry Starnes, who also quit her career (in one of the big banks in San-Francisco). Gerry works at Premier Yacht Brokerage, and she is the one who helps John to buy a new boat, which he names My GRL.
Lesson 1. If you are John J. Cannon, do not buy a boat. If you are planning to buy a boat… be ready to face the consequences.
Unfortunately, Gerry is murdered, and John is injured. Does it stop him? No way, he goes against an odd syndicate, police, FBI, terrorists… Or anyone who stays on his way. Not like Batman. More like Jerry (a fictional character of the famous cartoon). I mean cunning and smart. 😉🙀
Lesson 2. If you own a boat named My GRL, do not look for a buyer or extra cash. Plus, check your mailbox more frequently as usual.
Of course, John meets Sarah. Ah, his whole life, he had a hard time with relationships: too busy or had difficulty reading the feelings. It seems Mustang Island is ready to add a little spice to his quiet bachelor bed.
Lesson 3. If you know Sarah, do not ask her to visit your boat. Do not invite her anywhere. Run!
Next, Agent Winther and Some-Kind-Of-Dark-Wolf-Organization. They could smack the head of John so hard that tomato soup would envy… but they didn’t. Why?
Lesson 4. If you want to know the best tomato soup recipe – ask John J. Cannon. If you don’t want to know – ask Agent Winther. He’ll take your full statement, and send it to Ray.

And at the end, let me mention Jaiy Randy Band’s songs (as a part of the book) – listen via YouTube

Overall: The thriller My GRL is well-layered, intelligent, and intense suspense, where the buying of the boat is only the beginning. From there, the story races through stunning twists & turns – all the way to its revelation. Emotional and deeply satisfying prose narrated from a first-person (very engaging!) + reads like a diary or as you see it from outside, still being inside at the same time. John W. Howell is a masterful storyteller who has perfected the art of suspense in his books. Don’t miss it! 

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