B. Shaw said, “People always blame their circumstances for what they are.” Today was a crazy day: your boss was a real jerk, your parents wanted you to help them with the garden, your friend decided to visit you without any arrangement, plus, your arthritis got worse, you were too tired in the morning, too hungry in the middle of the day, too angry in the evening, add anything… Well, this is your today. There’s nothing special about it, right? Just an average insignificant, dull day. Or at least this is what you are telling yourself. 

In Ray’s world, “today” is the most important day because we are here today – you and I – but we may be gone tomorrow. It sounds a bit pessimistic, but this is how life is: sooner or later, death catches us all. And here, one more depressing thought – many people, people we know or don’t know, will be gone already today. Forever gone. With this in mind, continue reading… 

What do I want from you today? Not much. I want you to follow your dream. Give it five, ten, or thirty minutes. Share it with the Universe (or online) if you can. Whatever you brought into this life – give it away. Be generous!

the future is created by what you do now

 Not famous yet? Fine.
Not going viral yet? Whatever.
Your dream doesn’t make you a lot of money? You’ll get there.

 It doesn’t matter. What matters is to do it today. You can’t live with the thought in your head as though you have a hundred years to accomplish and fulfill your ideas, plans, or visions. This is your day. You have the power, focus, and possibility to do whatever it takes to get the results you desire. It’s up to you to achieve and realize your dreams! It’s in your hands. Ray can’t come to your house and shake your lazy ass. I can’t do it… because I don’t care about your dream. I have my own dream to take care of, and nope, I’m not being mean here; I just want you to understand a straightforward thing: NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DREAM AS MUCH AS YOU DO. 

Let that sink in…
Imagine it is alive!
It needs your attention!
And begin caring about your dream. 

follow your dreams

 Isn’t that a satisfying feeling – to take one step further towards your life goal today? Not now. I think Now is a bit of a vague concept. Do it today – during these 24 hours that you are given. Try it. Take quick 10-minute action, and I promise it will make you feel better about yourself.  

Say “yes” to your dream… today.
And every day!