Six weeks in Malta… 

I’m usually starting my day at 8am with a 10 min walk around Piazza Tigne with my dogs; then I prepare breakfast and re-watching some old-fashioned crime tv shows (right now, it is Midsomer Murders with the Chief Inspector Barnaby). After that, I always go out for a coffee – I need a break, lol – with my dogs! After visiting the local café, we walk down to the sea and stroll back home around Tigne Point. 

Tigne Point, Malta
Tigne Point, Malta

 I’m reading or doing some house chores. Lunch is always outside. Don’t forget the shopping adventure after lunch – it’s a must (I always need something: fresh fruits, dog snacks, makeup, etc.). Of course, I take my dogs out again because lunch and shopping usually take 2,5-3 hours. Next: we all rest before dinner. Dinner is at home. Finally, a walk in the evening before a cup of tea and the movie (I’m currently watching “Hierro” – a Spanish crime thriller – via Cmore. Breathtaking views! ). Zzzz at 10 pm. 

 In between: I’m studying Spanish 2 times a week: Tuesday and Thursday (a group of 7), and French – with a private tutor. Plus, yin yoga class daily for 30 min. 

What else? Ah, books. I finished reading: Exiles, by Jane Harper; Buddhism is not what you think, by Steve Hagen; The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk; Ayurveda: a practical guide to optimal health, healing and vitality, by Geeta Vara; Soul Work (in Swedish), by Josefin Dahlberg.

Week 9 and 10 (or March 2-12) I’m reading: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Deepak Chopra; The Girls who Disappeared, by Claire Douglas.

I’m also often using affirmations cards (from Josefin Dahlberg) in the morning because it sets my mood for the day and makes me look at things from a positive (or pragmatic, practical) side. And today’s reading was: 

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Dammit! It’s so true. Let’s look above: we can see many excuses not to write or blog… but they aren’t excuses, not really… well, I just don’t want to write. Not yet.

Southeast Malta
Xaqqa Cliffs, Malta

Hope you are OK. Take care of yourself!
Have a great weekend! Hugs! 


  1. So great to have some words from Ray. Sounds like you day is packed with mind and body exercise as well as a lovely environment. Thanks for sharing your day.

    1. Author

      To be honest… I just want to go home 🇸🇪 😅 but from the other side, it’s a cool experience 🙂 & I’m planning to go to Sweden in May ( for a short break) 😀

  2. Hello Stranger, well stranger than me anyway! Ha Ha Ha! I’m not sure why but it took me awhile to get here again! Not sure if it’s apples problem or mine! Like John it was an adventure reading your daily schedule!
    The Pups seem to enjoy their days outing with you for sure!
    How are your Mum and Aunt doing?
    Oh by the way I have seen someone maybe on IG or elsewhere that looks familiar, maybe from Stockholm pictures
    Take care of yourselves in Malta and that includes the PUPS!

    1. Happy Tuesday!! Actually it is “Taco Tuesday” and I am going to be ingesting Beer battered shrimp tacos! I got notice on Kinky acres that you had replied to my note (s) yesterday! That was all I got was a notice! So, I have been looking all over for your reply, now I am going to ask that you resend it if possible, I know I am a pain in the backside sometimes but is not my fault, have to blame my mom! Anyway to make your day/evening a hell of a lot better, I will have a couple of shrimp tacos for you!!
      Hi Pups!!!

  3. Oh I forgot, please keep posting pictures of the great food you are enjoying! I will keep up my diet of Gruel any ocean water!

  4. Hello Victoria,
    I hope all is going well for you folks!
    The pictures you post are great!
    The meals look very good also! Except the Mussels or whatever the call that thing! Our piers here have their supports covered with those things! We have some thrill surfboard ride called “shooting the pier”! Which is going under the pier while heading for the beach (on a wave)
    threading thru the supports. Sometimes one might get to close to the supports and get cut by the mussels!
    Just a little story to remember me by!
    How are those Pups doing?
    I am doing ok ( at least I think so)
    Let you go!

    Take care all!


  5. You have a very full day, but I like it. It sounds like a lot of self-help and introspection 😉

Mieux vaut tard que jamais...

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