Day 18 American West Palace /absurdist comedy/  Ms. Glorious escorted me to the narrow tunnel with a massive granite door. After three short knocks, we entered the so-called West Valley – the modern T-shaped central hall with an ugly row of chairs on both sides of the mainline. A team of highlyContinue Reading

Day 14 One percent  /absurdist comedy/ I sat at the maple table and listened to the conversations at the bar. Despite the increasing attention and distrust of the saloon’s regulars, I found out that roughly 1 percent of Gunung Kinabalu owned 92 percent of the Kingdom’s wealth. The gap between the high-techContinue Reading

Screw Quarter Day 13 /absurdist comedy/ I welcomed the first rays of sun with enthusiastic cheer. After a long trip – full of obstacles, spiritual slumber, and excessive heat – I felt like a bear, awake and moving in the direction of the dawning light.  We arrived at the east riverbank ofContinue Reading

/absurdist comedy/ Day 4 The Crime I was still clutching my favorite pillow between my legs when I got the feeling that something was wrong. The sense of the air being displaced, the excitement in my nerve endings, the wander of breathing in a solid mass of danger, the sound of thunderContinue Reading

/absurdist comedy/ Day 3 The Beach I couldn’t even imagine how the events of the last days would drive me into a corner: at first – shining, iridescent meetings filled by the animalistic libido; later – a tearing desire to get back to the past. I opened my eyes as I feltContinue Reading

Alexander Raphael discusses his new (third) book, his place in the literary world, the power and challenges of writing daily. His first book of short stories – THE SUMMER OF MADNESS – is famous for moving, funny, heartbreaking, informative, and utterly captivating plots. His second book – ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS – is famousContinue Reading

/absurdist comedy/ Day 2 The Work At 7 am sharp, I was fully dressed for my morning adventure on the local bus. I waved goodbye to Margaret’s photo and cheerfully ran downstairs, pushing the unwelcome thoughts of reuniting with my ex to the back of my mind. The travel from West, aContinue Reading