Let’s talk about books today…😀 because the 6th of September is READ A BOOK DAY, and the 7th of September is a national BUY A BOOK DAY. I just finished reading the book of Agatha Christie, ‘Come, Tell Me How You Live,’ about her trips to Iraq and Syria with her secondContinue Reading

Day 21 The Forest Lovers  /absurdist comedy/  I woke up on the grass in the woods, covered by a greasy napkin, a hundred bright yellow beetles with black markings, and the lifeless body of the naked Sherriff. I lay on my back and tried to breathe steadily. “What a mess! This is the resultContinue Reading

– Do you hear the helicopter?  – No, it’s an angel…  – What? An angel? Then why does it make such a horrible noise?  – Gone crazy because of life on the Earth.  (Viktor Koklyushkin, Russian satirist) After reading my new, straight-from-the-oven story, called ‘Upside Down,’ one of my followers told meContinue Reading

Day 20 The Gossips “That’s another thing I don’t understand,” my mother interrupted the livestream of my incoherent words, “Why you – of all people in Rsa – should save those poor sick souls in that desolate wild land? You aren’t a doctor!” For a second, I stopped my confused revelation andContinue Reading

Day 19 Some Peculiar Ways of Love /absurdist comedy/   ‘Love is the best medicine’ – who would disagree with this famous statement? Nothing changes our moods, effectively reduces stress, bolsters the ego, relieves backache, or lifts our self-esteem better than a good ol’ love. After hours of indescribable pleasure, where each breathContinue Reading

Day 17 A Dope Party /absurdist comedy/ When I poked out from the intimate saloon of Mrs. WickedBreaker, it was as bright as day – the moon was shining. Then a cool breeze began to blow, and soon enough, the clouds covered the sky. I tried to sit down on the benchContinue Reading

Day 15 Miss Sedative & Co /absurdist comedy/   The four of us were sitting outside on the pool terrace, with a mojito in hand, desperately trying to find a common topic for conversation.  “Arcadio, where did you learn to create such a high wave of sexual latitudes? It was quite incredible,”Continue Reading