Day 27 Beneath your feet /absurdist comedy/ I was proud of the meeting results: it seemed I was cleared, and the murderer – whoever it was – had been identified. While walking through the city, I began whistling softly to myself. Ms. Asunción watched me from her basket, which I dragged behindContinue Reading

Day 26 The Board of Eyes /absurdist comedy/ I never knew the darkness could vibrate – through the waves of macabre curse dancing on its own – wrestling with the mindset of ordinary individuals like me while re-modeling my truly pessimistic reality. No doubt, a combination of increasing wealth, foreign stimulation, andContinue Reading

Read part #1 – here PART 2   30 October. 7pm The two friends were on the way to visit Mr. WideOpenMind, to carry out the assassination. They made their way up to his front porch, reached for the door handle in the hope of picking the lock, but were caught off guard whenContinue Reading