Day 16 A haircut selection /absurdist comedy/ I woke up with the feeling that everything that had happened in the Death Tower had been only a dream. The images of the visitors swept back and forth in my mind – their seductive voices, their sugary smell, their delightful touch – and slightlyContinue Reading

Day 15 Miss Sedative & Co /absurdist comedy/   The four of us were sitting outside on the pool terrace, with a mojito in hand, desperately trying to find a common topic for conversation.  “Arcadio, where did you learn to create such a high wave of sexual latitudes? It was quite incredible,”Continue Reading

Screw Quarter Day 13 /absurdist comedy/ I welcomed the first rays of sun with enthusiastic cheer. After a long trip – full of obstacles, spiritual slumber, and excessive heat – I felt like a bear, awake and moving in the direction of the dawning light.  We arrived at the east riverbank ofContinue Reading