Written by Nathaniel Postell Women are warriors! A fact that becomes abundantly clear by studying African legends and folklore. These fiercely independent women help shape the world, inspiring countless interpretations, even presenting themselves in recent pop-culture. The wildly successful Marvel Studios movie Black Panther features a group of gifted women warriors inspiredContinue Reading

How do you get your ideas? By thinking and thinking and thinking… till I’m ready to kill myself. Isaac Asimov   5 writing advices from “It’s Been a Good Life”, Isaac Asimov and “The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers”, John Gardener (currently reading).  1. The difference between OrdinaryContinue Reading

Guest post by Peter Manley (click to check website) Sure, having interesting characters and a compelling storyline are extremely important, but the setting where your story takes place is equally important, or even more important in some cases. Think about it: if your story takes place in a middle-class home in Virginia withContinue Reading

Research about Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (for my upcoming thriller book)  Built and rebuilt upon countless tragedies, with materials from iconic structures, claimed to have healing and cleansing properties, the Hagia Sophia mystifies the masses to this day. Religious undercurrent, unshakeable construction, this Byzantine behemoth rose like a phoenix from the ashes ofContinue Reading

What your characters say they are is NOT who they are… What they do is the key. Shawn Coyne 1. Think in 5 principles, the bricks for any successful story:  TIME, SUBSTANCE, STYLE, STRUCTURE, CONTENT. 2. Learn your genre – there’s a great collection (with examples) of differences between each genre. IContinue Reading