Day 14 One percent  /absurdist comedy/ I sat at the maple table and listened to the conversations at the bar. Despite the increasing attention and distrust of the saloon’s regulars, I found out that roughly 1 percent of Gunung Kinabalu owned 92 percent of the Kingdom’s wealth. The gap between the high-techContinue Reading

Screw Quarter Day 13 /absurdist comedy/ I welcomed the first rays of sun with enthusiastic cheer. After a long trip – full of obstacles, spiritual slumber, and excessive heat – I felt like a bear, awake and moving in the direction of the dawning light.  We arrived at the east riverbank ofContinue Reading

/absurdist comedy/ Day 7  A Never-Ending Race My soul soared like a heartless falcon over a wild rabbit, circling nearer and lower to the ground, to the food of its dreams. I opened my eyes — a monstrous horn grew bigger in all possible dimensions, sticking to the legs of Ms. AmblycoryphaContinue Reading