Day 19 Some Peculiar Ways of Love /absurdist comedy/   ‘Love is the best medicine’ – who would disagree with this famous statement? Nothing changes our moods, effectively reduces stress, bolsters the ego, relieves backache, or lifts our self-esteem better than a good ol’ love. After hours of indescribable pleasure, where each breathContinue Reading

Day 17 A Dope Party /absurdist comedy/ When I poked out from the intimate saloon of Mrs. WickedBreaker, it was as bright as day – the moon was shining. Then a cool breeze began to blow, and soon enough, the clouds covered the sky. I tried to sit down on the benchContinue Reading

Day 15 Miss Sedative & Co /absurdist comedy/   The four of us were sitting outside on the pool terrace, with a mojito in hand, desperately trying to find a common topic for conversation.  “Arcadio, where did you learn to create such a high wave of sexual latitudes? It was quite incredible,”Continue Reading

Day 14 One percent  /absurdist comedy/ I sat at the maple table and listened to the conversations at the bar. Despite the increasing attention and distrust of the saloon’s regulars, I found out that roughly 1 percent of Gunung Kinabalu owned 92 percent of the Kingdom’s wealth. The gap between the high-techContinue Reading

Day 12  Fatal Meeting /absurdist comedy/ Who knew that writers could be so dangerous? The hunger didn’t block the flow of my brain activity. On the contrary, it switched on my wit, making my neurons work with increased speed, at full power. It seemed strange that Hamilton had promised the post of cookContinue Reading

Day 11 No Answers /absurdist comedy/ (I’m jumping over day 10, called ‘The Dream,’ because of the adult content in that chapter. It will be added to the book.)  Two hours of sleeping passed swiftly – I woke up full of boundless radiant energy. I felt like one of Tolkien’s heroes, stuckContinue Reading

/absurdist comedy/ Day 7  A Never-Ending Race My soul soared like a heartless falcon over a wild rabbit, circling nearer and lower to the ground, to the food of its dreams. I opened my eyes — a monstrous horn grew bigger in all possible dimensions, sticking to the legs of Ms. AmblycoryphaContinue Reading