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Victoria Ray is the creator of RayNotBradbury’s (NO CLUE DAILY) Blog and has a degree in Literature and Creative Writing. She lives in a small town 62 miles west of Stockholm. Ray has garnered much acclaim for her So Absurd It Must Be True series and her Sophia von X thriller. She is a finalist for the prestigious Readers Favorite Contest and has been nominated for a Book Excellence Award for original writing. When she is not working, Victoria spends most of her time reading, cooking, traveling the world, walking with her dogs, and catching her favorite Gota Lejon shows. An admitted sweets fanatic, she feeds her addiction by visiting the local bakery April on Sunday afternoons. 

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Amy Reyes is from Spain. She is an avid reader who also loves writing about the things she is passionate about. In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos, going to bookshops with friends, traveling to other countries, learning new languages, working with photoshop, and listening to R&B/Soul bands while working on her new art project. 






Dany Tanner is from Bern, Switzerland. Her motto: “You get better at working by working.” She loves all things new age – witchcraft, mythology, runes, tarot – and is obsessed with affirmations. She is addicted to the smell of books, sea and hats; a crazy cat lady, a pro coffee barista, and a movie lover. She is an extremely passionate and outgoing person. 

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