Our Plasma Selves

(Based on the book, “A New Science of Heaven,” by Robert Temple) 

The Universe is made up of more than 99% plasma, meaning it is made of “incomplete or partial atoms”. Our world and everything we see, touch and experience around us is so called “physical/atomic matter” – and it’s less than 1% of the universe.

Contrary to what we might assume, living as we do in a material world, particles very rarely come together to form whole atoms, while non-atomic plasma is the main constituent of the Universe. From this perspective, the atomic matter is exceptional, and hard (rocky) planets are very rare. 
The general public is not very familiar with plasma, but nearly all scientists know that plasma has existed for billions of years, perhaps had a role in forming the Earth throughout its long cosmic history, or had even helped create organic life. 
For us, plasma is only a complex matter, the fourth state after solid, liquid, and gas. We know that the Sun and other stars are composed entirely of plasma. Plasma often manifests in lightning (including ball lighting) but is otherwise invisible. 

In his fascinating book, Robert Temple argues that life in its basic state is inorganic and is not made of atomic matter. Instead, it is composed of different particles, electrons, protons, ions – or simply, plasma. Thus, all living things in the Universe (organic or inorganic), arise from plasma, and the organic state is secondary to our fundamental nature as plasma beings.

#keytakeaways from the book 

  1. Everything taking place inside plasma operates in a manner described by non-linear equations

 When something is linear, it means there is a direct and identifiable connection between cause and effect, so that one can predict behavior. But when linearity breaks down, everything becomes unpredictable and more complex.
Direct causation is linear. Direct causation is living in an ideal world. But as we know, any event can get interrupted or blocked by thousands of small changes – things come at you from the left and the right and they change you, your life, and the things around you.
There is an attempt to construct computing devices that can perform “non-linear reasoning”, but complex plasma is already non-linear: it interact with great complexity, evolving in multiplex patterns, with millions of unpredictable outcomes. 

  1. Dusty plasma is ubiquitous in nature.

 Dusty plasma occurs in interplanetary and interstellar clouds, dust rings (ex: around Saturn), on the surface of the Moon, in the mesosphere (the 3rd layer of the atmosphere), and thunder clouds, amongst other things. In 1997, Jesper Schou and Philip Scherrer discovered gigantic plasma rivers (jet streams near the poles) flowing beneath the surface of the Sun.
They discovered that these rivers of plasma extend at least 12,000 miles beneath the Sun’s surface. Even more extraordinarily, they discovered six additional plasma belts, each of which was more than 40,000 miles across. Ringing the Sun, they consist of flattened oval regions about 17,000 miles across where material moved about 10% faster than its surroundings. Although these are the smallest structures within the Sun, each is still large enough to engulf two Earths.

  • Dusty plasma is an open system which can absorb energy from outside sources; it ‘feeds’ on energy from the Sun.
  • Dusty plasma is a self-organized structure.
  • Dusty plasma is formed from voids. A structure must be separated from the rest of the mass by a space, otherwise, it is no longer a distinct structure. It’s surprising how rarely we think of this: the human body is full of voids, and if it were not, you wouldn’t function, or be able to differentiate the kidney from the liver.
  • Dusty plasma can spontaneously form helical structures resembling DNA.
  • Don’t forget about the Gnostic text known as the Pistis Sophia, where the light emitted by ‘the Father’ is described as being stronger than 10,000 suns. ‘The Father’ had no physical body but was essentially described as a light ball.
  • Helical dust structures of plasma (formed in space) have memory and can duplicate each other. They also reveal a faster evolution rate by ‘competing’ for food. In general, these plasmas may have all the necessary features to form ‘inorganic life’.
  • So, as we see, inorganic living entities often ‘compete for food’ in the form of sources of incoming new plasma, which they eat. For example, the solar wind coming from the Sun is a food source for self-organized dust plasma. That means that no outside source needs to create plasma beings, as it can create themselves! 

 By this means, plasma people can exist, who are imperceptible to the optical nerves of the physical people. Because we are incapable of directly perceiving the plasma people, we do not know they are there. They may be of such diffuse matter that they can pass through our dense physical body and emerge intact, similar to ball lightning. 

Have you seen how your dog or cat suddenly stops in the middle of the game to look at or listen to something you cannot see? It may just be some plasma folks having a party or a heated conversation. 

Ah, and just imagine the storage capacity of dust plasma – the ability to retain full knowledge of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that has ever happened in our cosmic environment for many billion years. Every creature and every planet are recorded and remembered! 

  1. “What is life?” Plasma can be intelligent, living, and conscious. 

 On November 28, 2019, scientists from Northwestern University in the United States of America, showed that “tiny plastic beads wandering aimlessly through water can spontaneously form organized clusters or swarms – just like swimming bacteria”. If the same behavior exhibited by bacteria can also be seen in inanimate plastic spheres, then what does this really mean? 

If inanimate particles can so precisely mimic living things, then the definition of “life” may need to be revised. We need to keep in mind, that the phenomenon of the patterned clusters of micro-particles is fundamental in complex plasmas, too. When it happens, the plasma creates a system which has powerful interactions between energies and elements inside. And the most interesting part is that– it can manufacture new particles out of nothing

 In 2017 Hamish Gordon revealed that the atmosphere also manufactured its own “new particles” spontaneously from gas within the air itself. The new particles are nano-sized, and they form in clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere from condensable vapors. The formation of these tiny particles out of ‘nothing’ in our atmosphere is very similar to the formation of tiny particles out of ‘nothing’ in plasma. We can also mention the creation of baryon here (for the true science nerds in the audience). 

As we see, it does not take something to create something, as it can just as readily be created by NOTHING. So, folks, what is existence, if things suddenly can appear?

And one more question: do we really need to look for the ‘little green man’ when we’ve got gigantic intelligent plasma clouds on our doorsteps (for example: Kordylewski Clouds) – the entities who must in effect be the true Masters of the Universe? 

  1. We are ‘abnormal’. 

 Nature began with the plasma. Cooling of the plasma converted it into a gas. Cooling of the gas converted it into a liquid. Cooling of the liquid converted it into a solid. We live in a plasma world, not a physical matter world. It means that everything familiar to us on Earth is abnormal. We are ‘abnormal’… at least to the plasma dust. 

99.9% is plasma – 0.1% is humanity
Who is gonna win?  

  1. ‘Dunkle Materie’ 

 In 1933, the Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky concluded that space is not empty. Of course, nobody believed him (there’s nothing like “establishments” of all kinds to ignore advances and new findings). The expulsion of solar material into ‘supposedly empty’ space was discovered in 1936 by French astronomer Lucien Henri d’Azambuja. Later on, Hannes Alfven made the breakthrough (with the help of Birkeland Currents) where he identified plasma as the medium by which electric currents could travel through space: between the Sun and the Earth, and then to the whole of the Universe. It means, the Universe is never empty, it is full of electromagnetic fields – a jungle of a highly charged plasma, creative ecosystem or, a so called, Cosmic Web. 

A Birkeland current – photo from alchetron.com

  1. The Cold Sun 

 We truly believe that the Sun is inconceivably hot, inconceivably violent, inconceivably turbulent – a great bully in the sky, roaring with rage and spewing out fire and rays. But this is not entirely true. The ‘surface’ of the Sun is only 5500 degrees Centigrade (yes, it is hot… we, humans, would be burnt to a crisp in an instant if we were there). But it is less hot than a cement kiln here on Earth. And it is only about a third as hot as the electrons in a neon light bulb in an office!
If you go down into a sunspot (a gigantic wobbling mouth on the surface of the Sun), you’ll notice that the temperature drops to 3900 degrees Centigrade. Well, after that we have no idea of what you might encounter, but we know that it continues to get cooler the closer you get to the heart of the Sun. 

Wouldn’t it be amusing if the center of our Sun was really a cold compressed dust plasma ball? 

close-up image of the sun from cbsnews.com

  1. Invisible Earth 

There’s an Earth that is invisible to the human eye, and it surrounds the visible planet Earth. This other Earth is composed of plasma (again!), and it is far larger than the ‘solid core’ on which we live. It was discovered in 1959 by James Van Allen and called ‘radiation belts.’ Our planet is thus the solid core of a vast plasma entity that surrounds it. The Van Allen Belts and the atmosphere are the Earth just as much as the solid core.
By the way, many scientists suggest that the stars and planets of our solar system were all formed as a result of the coagulation of dust particles surrounding the early Sun as a result of being electrically charged by plasma. 

the magnetic lines of force surrounding Earth

  1. Is it possible that we are much more than we think we are? 

We are surrounded by clouds of bacteria and microbes. Our bodies are largely bacterial support, incubation, and transport vessels. If the microbial clouds around us are charged by plasma or become part of a plasma cloud, or even generate a plasma cloud through their own charges, then they can potentially carry electric currents, whether electricity (negatively charged currents) or proticity (positively charged currents). And of course, once you have electric currents, you get magnetic fields. Wow! We may be surrounded by highly complex currents and fields, the existence of which no one has ever suspected until now (because… well, it seems we are too busy to build a traveling route to the Moon, Mars, Uranus, etc.). 

And if there are electric currents and magnetic fields surrounding us within our charged microbial clouds, these too can have beneficial and/or harmful effects on us. 

We must not forget that the body itself is electro-magnetic! 

In 1963, Gerhard M. Baule and Richard McFee made the first scientific detection of a naturally occurring ‘biomagnetic field’ in the human body, and they proved the existence of a magnetic field associated with the action of the human heart. 

  • The clouds (field) surrounding the human body might be tachyons. A tachyon is a particle, a kind of magnetic monopole, that travels faster than the speed of light.

Author’s hypothesis is that the long sought magnetic monopoles are all around us in the form of delocalized tachyon clouds, which form periodic wave functions detectable by sensitive quantum mechanical processes in man.

It seems, we are all surrounded not only by charged dust and microbes, but by even smaller electromagnetic particles, which are whizzing around us constantly faster than the speed of light and causing effects that we have not yet even begun to explore or explain. 

What is an electric field? We don’t know. If we knew, we would know why field and charge are connected in the particular way in which they are… when I was a child people would say ‘Electricity is very mysterious.’ Now we say it’s not so mysterious, but still NOBODY knows what an electric force really is. We are used to it, that’s all, by giving it a name and getting used to handling it. What is a gravitational potential, what is an electrical or a quantum potential? You see, you would have to explain all the forces and explain why they act on particles. Now, nobody has done that… David Bohm

  • Szent-Gyorgyi believed that a) plasma exists in every molecule in the body; b) the human body contains organic semiconductors
  • All living things emit light. The light emitted by living tissues is called ‘biophotons’, and it seems they are fundamental to our existence: when the emission of biophotons by our bodies goes wrong, it means that we have a serious illness. At the present time, there is only one machine in the world used for taking images of ‘human light’ or possible bioplasma – and is located in the Netherlands. 

photo from the book, A New Science of Heaven

  1. Our Plasma Selves

If we have plasma bodies, what happens after ‘death’?
Are we still around? 

 Fields contribute not only energy but information as well. Information that may play a vital role in triggering intelligence both in humans and in plasma in space.

  • Japanese scientist, M. Takada, showed that the rate of human blood clotting was related to solar activity.
  • Russian scientist, A.S. Presman, stated that every human body in the upright position was essentially an ellipsoid – a sort of elongated sphere. The major axis of the ellipse is the height of the person. He came to the conclusion that, “… in addition to energetic interactions, informational interactions play the main role in biological processes of the body. Such interactions entail the conversion of information, its transmission, coding, and storage. The information-carrying signal merely causes the redistribution of the energy of the system itself and regulates the processes occurring in it.” For example, every electron that arrives as a signal is a new piece of information not previously possessed. 

 What does it mean? A. S. Presman said that ‘information’ is ‘a signal’, or taking it further, ‘an activator’, like pulling a switch. All hormones in the bloodstream convey information of this kind, as do our nerves when they trigger the response of our hands withdrawing from a hot stove. A. S. Presman also concluded that DNA molecules are generators of radio signals and that RNA molecules are amplifiers of those signals. The cell wall is a noise filter. In other words, electromagnetic fields around us carry information that activate molecules in our bodies which also contain information, and they trigger life processes within the body. 

 Why does a free cell, which can extend in so many directions, often advance steadily in one direction to the exclusion of others? And how do cells recognize one another? A. S. Presman 

  • If human brains (like quantum computers) contain complex plasma, then plasma may be a medium by which uncertain and bizarre quantum phenomena enter the human experience.
  • The entire Universe is probably not only a simple hologram, in the sense of being the unfolding of an intelligent ‘implicate order’ that underlies everything, but a driving, ordering process which is present everywhere: in plants, animals, and humans. 
  • It doesn’t matter if we are a hologram… because if we break a hologram into bits, each bit will contain an image of the entire object.

Information is the currency of Nature. Information does not have any energy or any mass. It is immune to the speed of light restriction, which applies only to particles and waves. Information can exceed the speed of light without breaking any ‘physical laws’. What does this mean? It means that that things separated by distance can still be in contact – entangled with each other and interacting. 


Plasma is the building block of the Universe. We (humans) are in a sense plasmoids, and our dense matters bodies – made of the rare atoms – are like ‘smart overcoats’ that we discard when we die… Once you grasp this, you can begin to realize what you really are. 

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