What is the best way to stay positive?
How do you overcome negative thoughts?
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 Some days we tell ourselves that we can achieve anything in life. We are beautiful, generous, powerful, joyful, and inspiring. We are living here and now. And we are ready to meet whatever life throws at us – our thoughts – straight from the heart – magically creating a joyful hallo of a Superhero or Fighter. We feel strong and unconquerable. And so it goes until the day it stops. You banish your attractive, intelligent, funny, creative self, resist beauty and love, and embrace blame and negativity (after all, those are things you are good at). 

 It is easy to get there: from standing on the bridge to jumping into the water. Because:

  • You know, this isn’t going to turn out well
  • You’ve been here, and you smell trouble
  • It’s all too overwhelming. Can you ever get a break?
  • Life sucks: you don’t have extra cash for Mindvalley lessons 

Man is not what he thinks he is; he is what he hides. André Malraux

 We, human beings, are very complex creatures. It isn’t natural to feel fulfilled all the time… Yes, somewhere deep inside, you understand, there’s a reason to be here – it doesn’t matter which condition, messed up or happy – even if the modern world you see daily is a damaged place; perhaps, more threatening now than it was, with all those electric cars and TikTok. Of course, I get it; you are still missing the good old times: especially the mad synapsids and hungry dinosaurs. 

 It’s unfair that you stuck with us in XXI. You should be out there, running across wet rainy fields or through the thick jungles (full of life: insects, reptiles, and sweet gorillas), wrestling your way for a bite of meat with the help of your bare fists… What a joy! 

 But wait, what if I told you that your sudden failures, or let’s call them “crushes,” are born of habit? Anyone can change any habit; it doesn’t matter how old you are or how deeply ingrained that behavior is. I know, I know, you are resistant to change. Deep in your gut, you desire to change, but something holds you back. No, it’s not Freud. He’d like to help, but only if you’d agree on being 100% unconscious and would love to chat about your early sexual experiences, abnormal ideas, dreams, deaths, and life drives. Hm. Anyone? 

 When you find yourself stuck on a negative self-belief, something that makes you feel bad about yourself, confront your mind with positive lies and investigate the root of the problem. Try to figure out why you are the way you are. And maybe accept it. I hear you are winning again: “It takes time… and I don’t have it, mate”. For a quick fix, Ray advises magical lies – virtually positive words we tell ourselves  — kind of special conversations, a turning point in achieving peace of mind. 

Some simple examples:

 I’m a part of a big community. Yes, there’s only one member – me and myself – but I’m getting there. I feel togetherness with the people around me. I’m not alone. I’m part of a swarm, and it’s bigger and bigger each day! It’s regaining its mass like the ice in Antarctica.

 I control stuff, money, and anger. I hold my rage of lack of funds. I kick struggles of being moneyless so hard that they have inner conflicts for the rest of their lives…

 Ah, so exciting! I live in a wonderfully dangerous world. I’m trapped here… well, let’s maximize the pleasure of being a speck of the dust in this vast universe.

 I’m enough. Nobody knows about it but me. It’s cool, though; if nobody knows it yet, I don’t need to be so careful about hiding it. Did I say I am enough? 

 I have to create the story. My story. My Vision. My reality. Wait and see, people! One beautiful day I’ll get on that podium. I’ll stand there, among the rich and powerful, enjoying the breeze from the never-ending applause—the thousand eyes on my soft, pedicured hands. Yes, I belong to that nine-zeros crowd! I am fuckin’ magnificent!

 You are shouting at the iPad screen while scrambling your belly with your sticky fingers, covered in chips and strawberry jam. Boom! You get the urgent bowel movement… rushing to the bathroom: yay, the feeling of abundance at its best. No doubt, you are ready for the new adventure! Your mind expands. 

 Now, reflect on the fantastic things that those words reveal to you. See the layers of meaning! Feel the power! Don’t be scared to tell yourself a couple (or more) of positive lies. Accept them as the truth, and eventually, they become the truth. George Carlin once said, “The reason I talk to myself is that I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” 

 In this treacherous world
Nothing is the truth nor a lie.
Everything depends on the color
Of the crystal through which one sees it.  

 Positive vs Negative Thinker – free? try this test

 And let me remind you, there’s a massive space between negative and positive lies. Inside that area is your true self, waiting to be released, looking for extra help – organization or freedom – to create an authentic life story without pessimism and fear.

Not much music left inside us for life to dance to. Our youth has gone to the ends of the earth to die in the silence of the truth. And where, I ask you, can a man escape when he hasn’t enough madness left inside him? The truth is an endless death agony. The truth is death. You have to choose: death or lies. I’ve never been able to kill myself. Louis-Ferdinand Céline 

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Kanazawa Japan, 2017. The optical illusion – swimming pool at 21st Century Museum 

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