Hello, December! Here we are… With a brand-new year before us. A fresh unwritten chapter with new possibilities, memories, and potential. I hope you’ll focus on the most important things this year, such as:

  • Developing your vision
  • Living in balance
  • Being positive
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Listening to your heart
  • Evolving and becoming who you want to be

I hope 2023 will be a year of self-discovery, fulfillment, and most of all, happiness and peace for you and the people you love. I hope you’ll stop pushing your own dreams and needs to the bottom and ask yourself: how I’d like my life to look during the next twelve months ahead? Take your time to look inwards and see what you like about your life or what you’d like to change. Imagine your ideal future, set the goals, and make small changes daily to put your vision into action in 2023.

As for me… The book about Mr. Harmless will be edited and published under the title The Adventures of Harmless Bullet: In Search of Sobekneferu in February-March 2023. I’ll continue to write about the journey of Mr. Harmless, and the next release is planned for the early autumn of 2023 – The Adventures of Harmless Bullet: Beluga Clan.

Here is the blurb (book #1):

‘Too absurd’ doesn’t exist with Victoria Ray!

The novel The Adventures of Harmless Bullet: In Search of Sobekneferu is about an ordinary man, Mister Harmless Bullet, who is trying to come out of a vicious circle of prejudice and apathy with a genuine desire to find his soulmate. Fueled by humor and the purism of words, the author creates a narrative that takes readers on the ultimate kaleidoscope journey of funny and absurd situations.

This mind-expanding story can also be called “Bullet’s Adventures in Wonderland.” After Bullet unexpectedly awakes in the fantasy land – The Warrior Farm – located somewhere in Gunung Kinabalu, he meets various weirdest and most unusual women and animals, such as Madame Jack, anaconda Asunción, and Sobekneferu cyborg. His irrational actions, continuous lies, and sexual encounters often lead to unanticipated events and funny outcomes. One must have a heart of stone to read the story about Bullet without wondering, enjoying, and laughing.

The book cover (example): 

book cover - absurdist comedy, book about Harmless Bullet of Victoria Ray

 In addition to that, I’m editing my criminal comedy, Eyebrow Killer. I’m introducing the chapter 1 next week (about 2,5k). Please, share your thoughts.

P.S. I’ll be absent at the beginning of the New Year but will get back to blogging around the 20th of January, as I usually do.


  1. I too want to wish you all the best in your ‘Harmless’ journey!!! I hope all is well with you and family!! Oh, the Pups also!!

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