From a paralyzed “Nothing” to the expending, miraculous, and creative Being

 We don’t choose what interests us. It just grips our attention, calls to us, and controls our thoughts, dreams, decisions, and behavior. We don’t have any clue why it chooses us, why it moves toward us with incredible speed, destroying everything in its path, and we are suddenly filled with a desire to create – often, at first glance, strange, chaotic, messy, but still meaningful art. We feel like we are in the middle of an adventure: searching, growing, building.

I know many of you think sometimes that you are too old (or too young) – somewhat outside of this “game.” But you are not. Your ideas, words, emotions, and visions are the potential that creates this world you are living in. Without you, it would be different. Your experience matters. It has value. 

You don’t have a clue what kind of value yet; that’s why you feel lost, depressed, alone, and misunderstood. Please, don’t. All ideas are alive. Being alive is a complex process, as we know. The idea has to find a way to integrate itself into the world to reveal what it represents. Sometimes, the mechanism of discovering is a painful road, but at the same time, it is meaningful, promising, and – admit it – irresistible. 

What guides you?
What keeps you going?
What forces you to explore?
What helps you to discover who you could be?

Definitely, not the self-help authors, online messiahs, growth leaders, and of course, not me. 

Follow this – follow that.
Become this – become that.
Be different but just like everybody else. 

They are selling myths that make us become part of a ‘boxed’ world – a world full of rules and standards. If you’d ask them why they’d answer: 

  • because that’s how human reality is constructed.
  • because it will help you to deal with different experiences in life.
  • because (hypothetically) it will change your perception, your personality, and you become one of… well, “many.”

Look around one more time. Everything they represent is so damn “common” or some part of the concept, label, norm, and principle. They forget that the world of pure imagination is Chaos itself. 

So, there’s no clue.
You can’t have it.
You’ll never find it. 

This is the only honest and accurate answer. And this is precisely what I represent – the movement of the magical potential in all of us, the will to break the rules when necessary for creating your project. 

Do not bow to those who require the structure from you or want to put your work in the frame. Remember, the spirit of creativity doesn’t follow any dogma. People do. The heart of invention does not destroy you; it re-creates, transforms, transcends, and invites you to the place that is dynamic, free, and healthy for your Being. 

I’ll tell you how I see it. The standards/rules in literature are the totalitarianism of pure creativity. It is the biggest enemy of our imagination. Don’t let your story die because of some “expectations.” 

She can’t – he can’t – they can’t 

Really? Fuck it. Move forward, be what you are. Your soul has the wisdom to choose the right direction, much better than any self-proclaimed teacher, professor, or master. If right now anything you does feels like a crazed dead zigzag – accept it. It might be the only way to travel to your destination efficiently. Perhaps, your opportunity, chance, audience, power, change, and triumph are still sleeping… So, let’s switch the lights on and remind them that you are right here – talented, ironic, absurd, sentimental, and brilliant as ever. 

None of the above is easy, I get that, but don’t stop – allow yourself to become what you are and what you need to be. And maybe, just maybe… one day, all your suffering, pain, and agony (or destruction) will give birth to a new spark, life, and story – beautiful, profound, immortal. 

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. Khalil Gibran


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  1. Fantastic post, Ray! There are a lot of people who would benefit from reading this and following their own minds. So many people get locked into step with the herd even though they are frantic to break out and do their own thing.
    Brava! Write on!

    1. Author

      Yes! Thank you & I believe in it too 👍💕

    1. Author

      Yep, that too 🙂 be real, be honest (at least with yourself), be you. It’s not so easy sometimes

  2. This is good to bear in mind, we tie ourselves to the experince of existence that e have – forgetting that existence itself is chaos.

    1. Author

      yes, as someone said, the truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos :)so if we want, and if we keep going … doing what we meant to do – we can create something aweeeesooome 🙂 or at least feel happier by doing what we like

  3. I used to love all those guys who taught motivation to basically unmotivated individuals. You can learn motivation and no amount of Rah-Rah is going to get a person motivated. People tend to gravitate to comfort zones and most are comfortable just making it through a day. Excellent post, Ray

    1. Author

      yes, the thing is… such motivation – from diff Messiahssss – works only for a while/short time. Plus, they want (often) to make money when you are “on fire” by selling something extra: self-help books, workshops or memberships.
      It’s true, comfort zones are some kind of “killer 🙂 of creativity”.

      Thank you 💫😀🐶🐶

  4. Totally agree! So glad to see these comments open, too!

  5. Being honest to self is paramount yet we prefer to believe others’ views about us. Fantastic post!

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