Déjà vu or how do you vu it?

Déjà vu is simply remembrance of the future.
Wayne Gerard Trotman

The subtle pull of familiarity while witnessing an event isn’t uncommon. Over two-thirds of the population are projected to encounter an episode of Déjà vu at some point in their life – the odd sensation that the events transpiring before you are a reoccurrence of previous experiences.

Déjà vu has led many to seek the answers behind the curtain. While some point to neurologic triggers inducing a state of mild epilepsy within the memory center of the brain as the cause; others believe that Déjà vu holds an important message… that it is used as a beacon to indicate you are on the right path. 🤐🙀

Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between!

The spiritual interpretations are fascinating. The work of Dr. Michael Newton, a well-regarded hypnotherapist, in particular, presents an interesting perspective. He specialized in regression therapy – a practice that revisits traumatic events hidden in a younger state of consciousness. Utilizing the same methods, he attempted to regress patients beyond their birth – a mindboggling undertaking based on the position of the soul prior to its coupling with our human fleshy vessels. He believed that a spirit world existed between lives in which soul groups formed. Comprised of our circle of influence our soul group would be reborn and interact in various roles in our lives. As a spouse or best friend, a mother or father, our souls would come in contact with those of our soul group to shape our experience.

Each life we learn new lessons
that ultimately move us closer toward our destiny. 

This truly fascinating interpretation of the cycle of life refers to Déjà vu as elements of “golden nuggets”. Beacons held over from previous lives to mark our proper path through our current life. An indicator that our journey is aligned with a previous life. For those intrigued I’d highly recommend reading Dr. Newton’s full body of work, because whether you believe or not, the benefits of an altered viewpoint cannot be understated.

Speaking of viewpoints… Another prominent theory suggests that Déjà vu is, in fact, a form of precognition. 🤨😜 This prophetic interpretation claims that individuals blessed with the feeling of reoccurrence are given a message from a higher being. Described as an expression of truth, this unsettling explanation is more akin to witchcraft than the “golden nugget” path markers. A select few of our population are blessed, ordained to carry the burden of prophecy yet beholden to existing path. A mild downside to being blessed was burning at the stake as Déjà vu was used like a clear indicator for witches masquerading as average civilians. That and, of course, a carrot nose…

While the body of scientific evidence may not substantiate many of the aforementioned claims, it is nevertheless a fascinating interpretation of the French term for “already seen” – Déjà vu. For those skeptics craving evidence-based research, fear NOT! the logical approach is imminent.

Alas, the scientific explanation. Déjà vu – a neurological anomaly occurring in the memory center, in which a sense of recollection is accompanied by an element of uncertainty regarding time and place. 

That should clear up any confusion on the topic. 🧐😂

After revaluation it is clear that more explanation is in order. Here are the facts. There are 2 types of recognized Déjà vu within the scientific community:

  1. Pathological is closely correlated with epilepsy. Hallucinations are commonly linked to pathological déjà vu and are used as an indicator of potential mental health illnesses. This form of temporal lobe epilepsy is attributed to epileptic discharge in the brain causing an individual to replicate an experience based on previous input sensations.
  2. Non-pathological… which is far more common. Appearing in a higher sample of individuals who are avid travellers and movie consuming enthusiasts. High stress and pressure have been linked to the event with occurrence drastically decreasing with age.

Well, why Déjà vu occurs is still up for debate… The leading theories are split perception and memory-based. Split perception is the duplication of event perception with a small and distracted initial input, causing the event to be interpreted without recognition, only to be revisited in further detail during the same event.

Memory-based theories are less refined. They revolve around triggering through association. Our brain is connecting or reconstructing previous experiences that left an imprint without a connected memory, providing us with a sense of familiarity without contextual logic.

Regardless of origin Déjà vu presents a unique opportunity for interpretation…

Do you believe in Déjà vu?
Have you ever had Déjà vu about Déjà vu? 📚☕️💣

Written by Nathaniel Postell


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    1. Author

      LOL good one 🙂 nope, or maybe I did publish. We are in a Deja vu circle 🙀🙀🙀

    1. Author

      yeah, I have so much Deja vu lately… I’m wondering if I lived it before …and if I did – what’s the point to re-live it 😂

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  1. I’ve had deja vu several times. I believe that the explanation for it lies in the question of consciousness itself. I recall reading about an experiment in which subjects were tested to find the difference between when they believed that they made a conscious decision (such as to move a finger) and the neurological impulse that actually caused the finger to move. The difference was found to be measurable (though I can’t recall what it was: maybe six microseconds?).

    This, I think, would explain the sensation of deja vu. Your body knows that something is about to happen, but your consciousness lags behind the reality. Maybe at times of deja vu you’re more in tune with your body?

    1. Author

      wow, it was a very cool explanation, thank you. I’ll continue to read more about it. 📚💃
      In any case, deja vu is a cool element for books/stories, right? 😀

  2. Déjà vu is a fascinating neurological topic. The other day my 12-year old mentioned she was experiencing it a lot lately (no, she doesn’t watch the political news!), and I recall experiencing it far more at her age than I do now. Wonder if that’s some connection with the developing brain and / or the brain becoming less ‘plastic’ at around puberty.

    1. Author

      *less plastic* brain? nooooo!!! 🙀
      running to my “Neuronation” app – to solve mathematical puzzles 🧐
      Well, if seriously, I don’t know, some years I have more ‘deja vus’, some – almost nothing ://
      thanks for sharing.

  3. I have had deja vu before. It seems to be more of the last definition (the one about experiencing something and being confused about the time and place), as if it’s already occurred.

    1. Author

      Some peeps just told me that deja vu is:
      a) nerves and stress
      b) consciousness-play
      c) memory and brain
      … well, the conclusion – we need more vacation! 💃💃💃
      I’m having deja vu quite often, it would be fun to know what it IS really… maybe one day.

  4. Good explaination of deja vu. I used to have episodes but none for at least 10 years. Hmmm. I haven’t been stressed for ten years. Maybe that’s it.

  5. Humm, I get the feeling we’re on the same wavelength here. I am currently reading Dr. Newton’s book “Destiny of Souls.” Déjà vu – definitely. Precognition, had that too. Prophetic dreams too. Such a Great Mystery, bouncing back and forth through time 🙂

    1. Author

      omg, I have to read the book… or maybe you’ll write a post about “Destiny of Souls” and I’ll skip the book? haha

      1. Maybe so 😁 I think I should go back and read his first book the way he jumps into this one

  6. I’ve had things like this happen numerous times. There are many things at work that we know nothing about in my opinion.
    I’ve had things like this happen numerous times. There are many things at work that we know nothing about in my opinion.

    1. Author

      same here. I have deja vu quite often lately…

  7. That top joke was funny but I did get your point for sure. I’ve had it a few times.

  8. I’ve experienced this a few times, I like the more spiritual explanation. Sometimes science is a bit grey lol

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