Cult of The Head

Researched and written by Nathaniel Postell
(1000 words)

The head bone is connected to the soul bone… Human fascination with death is well documented – an obsession fueled by a fear of the other side.

The great Beyond
The eternal Nothingness
…and Hell.

We are so invested in discovering what lies Beyond, that we sacrifice a significant amount of our precious time to unlocking the puzzle. A puzzle that has yet to be solved. Perhaps, due to our inability to identify the pieces at play… One-piece, in particular, has been the focus for millennia.

“The soul” 👻 

Where does the soul reside? Other than the blues and jambalaya, we have no idea… but what IF our ancestors did. Perhaps they succeeded in identifying the vessel that carries the soul, perhaps they were able to wrap their heads around it. Perhaps our soul resides in our heads and can continue to exist after our passing. Ouch! Sounds cool 🕺 

When studying the odd practices of simpler times, it becomes very clear that the head carries great significance. Depicted as the center for emotion and life, heads operate as a natural symbol for Self or Existence. This is further confirmed by our inability to live without the presence of our heads. Unlike the clearly superior chicken… 😉 Which is why headhunting gained prominence!

What better way to confirm the eternal extinguishing of human life then presenting their lifeless head?

Julius Caesar refers to headhunting to illustrate the graphic death of Indutiomarus, Leader of Treviri, assassinated by the formidable Labienus – specifically referencing the removal and subsequent collection of the leader’s head. 

Others argue that the collection of a target’s northernmost region grants you their power. An enticing prospect that led to the nasty habit of accumulating the skulls of those you defeated in combat. This may seem like the past time of individuals a few cards short of a full deck, but makes more sense when you believe that people’s souls exist within their skull.

Imagine amassing a horde of supernatural power skulls!
Gotta catch ‘em all!
Power skulls!

Collected skulls were often nailed to the entrance of homes or proudly displayed on horses, representing an individual’s combat prowess. In a culture, that glorified violence and decimation of others, a skull would make the perfect “no trespassing dog will bite” sign. This would certainly explain the skull greeters, but leaves much to be desired considering the implied cultural significance of the skull as a vessel for the soul. Which may explain the practice of embalming the heads of worthy opponents in cedar oil…oh là là! 🤪 kept in storage and only brought out for ceremonial display for their distinguished guests.

These heads represented:
– good fortune,
– success,
– continued prosperity.

The cult of the head believed severed heads weren’t ‘just trophies’. The head was associated with DIVINITY: often possessing DEITY and offering WISDOM. These heads or sacred wells are often depicted operating as instruments of healing, which may explain the interesting décor choice outside of shrines. Everyone knows – headiness is next to godliness…or so it would seem for Roquepertuse a Celtic shrine excavated primarily in 1923.

Statues sitting with skulls in their grasp as if possessing supernatural power.😱
Arches adorned with skulls. 🤯

These practices clearly display the social importance of that time period placed upon the cranium and its underlying significance. The question: was this an odd artistic expression when heads were all the rage, or does it convey underlying religious motivations??

Historians point toward the discrepancy between sources and the apparent lack of substantiation dismissing religious involvement (while others point to the skull prominence beyond a singular culture). Head worship can be identified in Celtic, Japanese and South American folklore and mythology. The geographical distance doesn’t seem to deter similarities between beliefs. A diverse group sharing similar conclusions isn’t unprecedented but can normally be explained by primitive science. Or, perhaps, millennia from now people will look back on our own TECH as primitive and unlock the full potential of the human soul…

Do you want more? 😂 

It is believed that skulls do not only contain the soul, but act as a bridge to the Other side – a world beyond our world, a place, where our soul travels after the means for life leave our bodies. To put it simply, skulls have a long-held position as the KEY to unlocking the Great Beyond. Witches are depicted as manipulating and harnessing the potential of the skull, channeling its POWER for their own benefit. Folklore and legends give us an interesting insight into the thought process connecting this bridge, especially, when related to a final resting place.

One such legend is the ‘Head of Bran’.
The tale of a soldier…
fatally wounded with an odd last request.

“And take you my head,” said he, “and bear it even unto the White Mount, in London, and bury it there, with the face towards France.” Bran the Blessed’s HEAD is left to oversee the Other World and protect Britain. This is only one of many instances in which the head continues to speak and contribute postmortem.

The head is dead – all hail the head!

The cult of the head offers an intriguing interpretation of the operation of the soul in combination with the skull. With deep-seated notions of the supernatural powers beyond our comprehension tied to the skulls left by the departed, you can’t help but wonder… pondering the absurdity of channeling power or granting healing from a deceased skull. Or maybe chuckling at the concept of chatting with a disembodied head?

Yet… still wondering – if there truly is a sliver of truth?
WHAT IF the head actually IS the souls resting place?

😶😶 What would that mean for Life and the Great (probably nonexistent 😂) Beyond?
In any case, keep your head high and full of knowledge… it is definitely GOOD
 for your soul!


P.S. Brân the Blessed is a giant, god and king of Britain in Welsh mythology. There’s more info from net, if interested –  here

 Have a great weekend!☕️ ☕️📚


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