Bullet’s Adventure: Chasing Sobekneferu

 Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the most mind-bending, hilariously chaotic absurdist comedy you’ve ever laid eyes on! Introducing “Bullet’s Adventure: Chasing Sobekneferu!

Picture this: a small-town guy named Bullet, whose middle-class life takes a wild turn as he constantly finds himself knee-deep in trouble and dangerous situations. Oh, but that’s not all! Bullet has his sights set on something truly extraordinary – to find the love of his life, Sobekneferu. The catch? She’s as elusive as a unicorn riding a rainbow! 

e-book, kindle cover Victoria Ray, absurdist comedy about Mister Harmless Bullet

Join Bullet on his quest for love as he faces a million obstacles that would make Indiana Jones sweat. From battling dangerous insects to navigating the treacherous waters of beautiful women (watch out for mad armadillos and peacocks!), our hero will stop at nothing to find his imaginary dream woman. 

 But wait, there’s more… This surreal adventure takes an unexpected twist when Bullet encounters the women from Warrior Farm (located in Gunung Kinabalu), who are just as quirky and sarcastic as he is. Get ready for belly-aching laughter and mind-boggling moments that will leave you questioning reality itself!

Bullet’s Adventure: Chasing Sobekneferu” is the rollercoaster ride you never knew you needed. So buckle up, hold on tight, and prepare to be whisked away into a world where chaos reigns supreme and love hides around every absurd corner. Don’t miss out on the thrills and the sheer joy of watching an ordinary man chase an extraordinary dream!

On Amazon 22 October 2023 – 1.99

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