Book Review “The Donkey King and Other Stories”, Christopher Lindsay

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” Neil Gaiman

I love fairytales. And I still read them and probably, just like Audrey Hepburn, I like them best of all. Not because they are so fascinating and wizardly wonderful, but because they are teaching us:

  • that good and evil is not ‘abstract concepts’
  • no magic can save you if you are mad angry troll
  • to use heart and courage wisely
  • to respect and love each other
  • how to change the world and where to find power to love ourselves

Plus, simply bringing a lot of joy and pleasure into our lives.

The book “The Donkey King and Other Stories”  gives us hope, but also opens the door to the darkest rooms of our hearts. It makes us suffer and question the world around. It is warning about the future: be the change or die!
The book is short, but powerful. I felt kinda ‘uplifted’ and ready to fight all my demons. So, I guess… it is quite inspirational too.

On the pages of the book “The Donkey and Other Stories” you’ll meet:

  1. Ah, of course, Mr. Donkey himself. Or two donkeys. And both of them wanna rule the world. How hard is it – to change yourself? And who is “the best king” (if ever)?
  2. Greedy Goose with golden eggs. Who is the most greedy: the one who want gold or the one who doesn’t want to share the gold? Tricky question – simple answer.
  3. Margaret and Vampire Renaldo. Fuck off, Renaldo! Margaret is way TOO traditional girl for you. And do you know what “traditional girls” can do with boring-ass vampires? Bring your coffin and Margo will show her skills!
  4. The sheep who refused to fight. O-o! What a lazy stupid sheep! “Help others or prepare your bones for the soup!” says the author. We got the lesson!
  5. 9 feet tall, 500 pounds and from British Columbia – real hottie who cares about his own health and environment. Read conversation with a local Mr Rabbit…

Excerpt /dialogue/ from the book: 

Rabbit: What’s your problem? I’m doing my business.
Sasquatch: You rabbits always poop on my paths. When I go to sleep at night, my feet stink.
Rabbit: You don’t own this forest. I can poop everywhere I want to.

Sasquatch: Why can’t you do it under the tree?
Rabbit: Because when I gotta go, I go! And I gotta go RIGHT NOW!

What? You just recognized yourself in that Rabbit the Pooper? No worries. We understand!! But 9 feet-500-pounds-guys DON’T!

The lesson of the story – ‘hate leads to violence’.
Do not hate those who are pooping around you… let them be!

You’ll meet more amazing heroes… The pig who loved mud wrestling (one of my favorites). I also learned a new expression: “Until death do a pig part.” And the most exciting tale: Ta – ta!!! about the Troll who wanted to build a wall. Sounds familiar?

“How it ends?” I see the question in your eyes.
Grab the book from our wise Nostradamus – Christopher Lindsay.

Rate: 5 – philosophical, easy to read, packed with knowledge, love writing style, recommending to you all, lazy trolls (or rabbits? or pigs? or vampires? or queens? – your choice!).

Check the blog of the author: The Donkey King Fable
The book (Kindle) – click HERE

We live in a world of unfulfilled fairytales.
Holly Walrath

The review will be posted on Goodreads, and I’ll also add a short review on Amazon (as soon as I can).

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Hungry for ‘good’ news? 

I’m planning to publish children’s book – working title “The adventures of ghost Nari”.
Idea: based on Korean myths and legends.
For kids 6 – 9 yo, 8-9 000 words with 8-10 illustrations. I’ll try to make my own illustration (drawings/Adobe illustrator for high resolution), but if I’ll fail – I’ll find help. So far I have only 2000 words story, but I’ll expand it to 8-9,000. Maybe I’ll post it online (partly), or I’ll attach a file with the finished story later. 

What? Not enough?

Dr Becky is up and running… if you need motivation, check her out! ->>> HERE

K. E. Garland is looking for fourteen guest bloggers to answer the question: What is self-love? How did you learn the importance of self-love? Deadlines and how to submit your 500-800 words stories are on her website: CLICK HERE

Ray’s ‘self-love’ article is almost ready… what about you? 😉☕️

Next post – “The Pearl Territory”, chapter 6 – #dialogue, on Friday or Saturday (I’ll take a couple of days off to re-charge).

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