Book Review: “Left Waiting”, River Dixon

This is a poetry book. I often hear the words, “I hate poetry,” “I don’t understand poetry,” “Poetry is so boring”… and yes, I agree – poetry is a very subjective art, just like paintings: some love Dali, some love Ruben.

I just want to remind you about the time when you were a kid and your parents bought you a book – often short poems about animals, nature, relationships, elves, daily chores. You grew up, and the poems grew up with you, too.

 You loved them when you were a child, didn’t you?
So, what happened?

Poetry is the literature itself. It is a place where our hearts start beating. This means, if you hate poetry = you hate literature. Hmm, then – what do you think you are doing…when you are reading all your books? 👁😼


Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather, it is ‘timing’…

What great timing! After “freezing to death with the last pack of ganja in our pockets” (from Colder: A Collection of Poetry and Prose), we slowly continue our journey to the Land of Waiting. It’s very convenient, don’t you think? First, we were invited to a peaceful chat in the middle of dope-fields, and after, all of a sudden, we arrived at an abandoned pier… 

!! Ganja aka Hashish aka Marijuana aka Dagga aka Cannabis aka Weed (+1000 more slang terms for marijuana). Ask River for more info 😜

Let’s start! River Dixon opens his book with a very suspicious line:

I could stand here
For a lifetime…

It forces me to ask you, fellow bloggers, what if he is ‘a vampire?’ Do you have time for standing & waiting? Like, ever??

“Never on Monday!” you’d say.
(and our ‘Monday’ is every day of the week!)

Following questions to River Dixon:
a) What is River’s favorite music? – Scream of poetry!
b) Looking for a sad vampire to come & bite you this Halloween? – Go grab the book!
c) Where’s vampire Dixon living? – Send your blood type and he’ll answer your question…

Ah, let me tell you the truth… River doesn’t give a damn about days, weeks, years, centuries. Time is irrelevant and his poems are immortal: there’s not so much of ‘oh-ah sentimentality’ here and even less fluff. It’s a collection of unbelievable power and a nearly uncanny, simple perception of the world/life.
Toiling through the hours
And miles away
From the only thing
I know as home
We are slowly moving closer to that ‘ghostly/in-grave-d’ home… through poems ‘Jar of Coins’ & ‘Another Corner.’ I especially love this piece of darkness and modern romantism:

I watch the blood run down my hand
Drip from my fingertips,
splash on the floor
All I can do is think to myself
How much I really don’t care anymore…

Then we are jumping over ‘Brewing’ (not beers), ‘Becoming’ (not Obamas) and ‘Locked Away’ (not Mansons). Sigh 👻
River Dixon creates landscapes, moods, friends, scenes of love and death… and then, in the middle of it all, he is just standing there, on the pier, throwing stones from a bridge. Hm, I guess the author is simply playing with us – check the poem ‘Hide and Seek’:

I’ll be safe
In these spaces between
Where no one
Can find me

Ta-Ta-Ta -Ta! As a regular follower of the ‘Poirot’ series (this is the very first thing I do after my coffee, every damn day – watching 1 episode with Hercule Poirot), I have ONLY TWO questions for River Dixon:

  1. Whom are you hiding from, Mr. Dixon?
  2. If nobody is seeking… how are you planning to be found? 👽

There is no direction
When every way is the only way
That leads back to where we began…

Ah, what a mouth-watering line! He is simply ‘Meant to Be’ a poet… and yes, we believe all your promises, River:

No more shivering in the cold
No more darkness
Only light

What’s left to add? 📚

This is a book full of vulnerability, honesty, passion and loss. I’m amazed at the imagery that comes alive out of each phrase. Anyone who reads this book will find a connection with the author and maybe even is going to feel reborn (it’s a vampire-thing! 😂).

Now run-run-run and read the absolutely wonderful poem that starts with the words:
I took two steps
Then gave up…

 One of Ray’s & Hemingway’s favorites!
(because every true poem ends in death…) 

Why you should read this book?

  1. A great addition to your dark autumn collection!
  2. Romantic, philosophical and haunting.
  3. It’s like Christmas for poetry lovers! 🌪🔥
  4. Raw (heartfelt) book of beautiful poems!

From Ray: It is NEVER TOO LATE to start reading great poetry!

x x x 

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Sunset. A girl in a pink dress standing on a pier by the sea…Waiting.

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  1. River is good at what he does. I read his book of short stories and was impressed; but, his poems are crafted beautifully. They are his strength…

    1. Author

      Agreed 🙂
      And yes enjoyed reading his stories, too – bloody delight 😂

  2. He is an exceptionally talented writer.
    And you are the best champion of poetry! 🏆
    ( Psst do let me know when you get answers to your questions!😉)

    1. Author

      Haha I have to involve Poirot now… in River’s “Hide & Seek-Waiting” games 🙂

        1. Author


  3. This is a book full of vulnerability, honesty, passion and loss – That’s quite something

    1. Author

      :)) that’s how* you describe a good poetry 🙂 ✌️

      1. And that’s one of the reasons why your poetry collection is next on my list 🙂

        1. Author

          😉 great… I’ll remember that 😂👻🕺

    1. Author


  4. If the book is half as good as the review it’s a winner. Nice job VR.

    1. Author


      You won’t find there Hercule Poirot 👻, but it’s a great book of poetry (especially for those who are writing/criticizing poetry & simply enjoying reading poetry = #amust).

        1. Author

          I love this new title 😀🕺🕺🕺

          1. Senior Vice President and Public Advocate for the Arts is your full title.

          2. Author

            Perfect!! 👌☕️☕️

    2. Author

      The book is better … I’m just having fun 🙂 plus it’s interesting to review poetry books – so different from prose

  5. Heyyyyy! I just bumped into your great review of my short story on Amazon. How very kind of you to do! Thank you!

    1. Author

      It was really interesting story, well done! 👍👍

      1. Thank you. That means a lot to me. I know how much you’ve covered literature in general. I should have edited that story much more, but…it is what it is and it kicked off my ‘writing’..

        1. Author

          I think it was very smooth clear style & emotional, easy to read. I think you def should write more prose/stories & maybe novels 👻🕺🕺🕺

          1. Yes..I love writing in that style and I’m lucky enough to have two additional short stories published by Z Publishing House. ( the best story I’ve written is sitting in a digital file waiting for an agent to take it on.) Thank you for the feedback!

          2. Author

            Well, if anything on Amazon – I’ll be happy to read… & I believe persistence is the key 🙂 you def got great skills! ✌️✌️

          3. :0) I do love to write. The others are both on Amazon. ( I had nothing to do with the price point of the books, the publisher controlled that.) Maybe I should make posts with links to them on Amazon.

          4. Author

            Yes I think you should post links (at least once a week) …it would attract more people to read.

  6. Famous paraphrased quote by someone: “I wrote a novel because I didn’t have the talent to write poetry.”

    1. Author

      Yes I heard something similar haha 😂

      We are poets inside 🙂 but it takes different forms…

      Good novel is a great thing too 😜😉👻👻

  7. I think you may be one of the most entertaining people I have ever met. Virtually and in real life. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Thank you 🙂 it was a great poetry book & im pretty boring in real life 😂😂

      Kinda difficult to be “Ray” everywhere I go: online & in life 🙂

        1. Author

          😅😅 but at least we are not boring in our art/books/writing ✍️

          1. I had a LOT of fun in my younger days. Now, I welcome boring.

          2. Author

            same… ah, this is what gives us ‘food’ for our writing – experience :))

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