Book Review “In the Calyx”, Libre Paley 

“I want her to melt into me, like butter on toast. I want to absorb her and walk around for the rest of my days with her encased in my skin.” Sara Gruen

1. From Stefan (aka all male readers): 

Wow, this story had me glued to my wife like never before!
Wonderfully written storyline and very detailed characters! All sex scenes kept me totally engaged until the very last word…

I loved this book so much that I had to purchase an extra copy for:

  • my lover,
  • single mom next door-neighbour,
  • hot barista at the local Coffee House.

2. From Anika (aka all female readers):

Well written, believable plot that ‘thickens’ as you turn each page.
So so good… Ah, I can’t wait to get into that car with Grigori.
Do you have his phone number? Tell him I’m beyond excited to see if his passionate body will survive the waves of my crazy desire.

3. From Ray (aka a brilliant writer and reviewer):

If you are not in the Calyx… you are doing something wrong!

4. From 

So called ‘Calyx’ is the secret program that makes all your (sexual/erotical) dreams come true. Learn, how to get there. 

Step One. Get into the black taxi with a silent driver.
Step Two. Don’t ask stupid questions. The universe knows what do you need…

Deliciously forked
Between six swollen hands
Almost a fairy-tale.

It was so much easier before The Big Bang…

Step Three. Naked is ‘good’. Let’s get naked!

Nothing makes you feel more naked than the person next to you.

Step Four. How to survive 3 big angry cocks & 3 horny naughty chickens? Most important – how NOT to die before the sunrise…
Step Five. Move those hips!
Step Six. Get back to step 3 & repeat the circle again.

When did you feel your most euphoric climax?
Have you ever been spread like a beached sea creature?
Part of you want this more than anything else in the world.
You are… – your desires. 


  1. Charlotte – stressed mom and office-worker. She voluntarily got into the black car with a stranger. Her erotical dreams remind us “100 shades of Grey”. Obsessed with her nipples. Chosen for ‘Calyx’ program because: she enjoys sex all night, especially – sex in the prison, horse stable, between dirty dishes, on the rainy field (add anything and multiply by 3). 
  2. Grigori  – quiet. TOO quiet. Almost a model, but working as a doctor and chauffeur. Obsessed with Charlotte’s nipples.
  3. Gizela – night owl, new generation witch, friendly. Don’t give a shit about Charlotte’s nipples. Literally. Obsessed with her ‘rules’.
  4. Naked people. 
  5. “What about the husband?” You’d ask. The entrance in the Calyx is forbidden for tired full-time-working husbands.


  • Great research and amazing life stories behind Gizela and Grigori
  • Beautifully written sex (dirty enough, but still classic)
  • Excellent quality of feelings and emotions


  • Too detailed
  • In some places too slow pace (for me), but I don’t read erotica on a daily basis, so can’t judge. 

Writing style: sex-revolution between the pages 

Idea: You can do it too. At least in your dreams…

Recommendation: If you need a soft push before the anniversary night, if you are a full-time-working-tired husband or wife, if you are dreaming about Hard and Slow (every second night!)…or if you are simply lonely with insomnia and millions other problems – go grab this book! And ffsake, find your own Calyx! Today!

Rate: Be prepared to sacrifice your day to this story, because once you get started reading you’re not going to want to set the book down. 

And hey, keep your ‘toys’ handy, just in case. Haha 😂


“Why so scrawny, cat?
Starving for fat fish or mice…
Or backyard love?” 

Bashō #japanesehaiku

x x x 

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