Guest post: written by Dreanne X 

 Where do you see yourself in ten years? Do you see yourself sitting at a kitchen table in a new house with a steaming mug of coffee? You may be conquering the writing career of your dreams. Or maybe you want to be respected or financially secure. It doesn’t have to be big, but we all aspire to do something with our lives.

Ten years ago, I imagined living in a house big enough to fit my dream family. I wanted to be confident and find peace as an adult. At the time, that seemed impossible. We had one child, I didn’t know how to manage money, and it was stressful. We struggled daily, despite my hope that “something” would lead us to my dreams. 

 The simple answer to reaching your dreams is to become the person you see in them. Now, you may think, “people don’t change,” or “how can I become that person?” It’s not a simple task. The people who inspire you didn’t get there by wishing and hoping. You must be dedicated to becoming your aspiration. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.

The person you picture is usually happy, excited, or confident. We imagine ourselves moving beyond today’s troubles and living a brighter future. The easiest way to change is to change our thinking. To change your thinking, you have to learn something new. What can you learn today to become the writer you know you can be or the confident person you want to be? 

 I loved to write as a teenager. I could captivate my audience, make them feel something, and adapt my writing across different genres. I remember believing that writing would get me nowhere because I had no aspirations other than to write a book. Unfortunately, I stopped writing for years… Then, I happened upon an opportunity that would allow me to write as a career. 

 My father taught me that you should project the best version of yourself when working toward something. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to write after all this time. Despite this, I envisioned my future as a writer. I responded to my first writing tasks with enthusiasm and confidence, and to my surprise, more projects were requested.

When you imagine your future, do you picture each achievement? Did you write 10,000 papers or write for each big magazine? In your dreams, you don’t usually display achievements. Instead, you see yourself simply happy with your name on something you worked hard to become. To dream is exciting, I know. And dreams like these can motivate you to take action, but focusing entirely on dreams – blurry and jaw-dropping – can actually have the opposite effect. You can become discouraged and quit, because… well, these dreams are too BIG and too FAR AWAY in the future. That’s why my advice is to focus on goals. Small, tiny goals every day. 

I believe every person has a unique way of succeeding – you simply have to find yours…

 Today is when you have to start becoming the person in your future. It’s not about what you do but how you do it. Learn more about your struggles, focus on a small change (short-term goals), and allow yourself time to adapt. By the way, I live in a lovely home with all my children today. It’s peaceful, and I see myself becoming more confident every year. 

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  1. I agree. Sometimes we think we have to take major steps toward HUGE goals, when really, baby steps toward smaller achievements help us to get where we think we want to go.

    1. Author

      Yes 👍 i read a book last week, ”stick with it”, and the first step is always setting tiny small goals for the day (with a picture of the big goal in mind – and as the end result , a dream). But it sounds like a work 😂 I guess that’s why so many ppl don’t like it 🙂 to dream is more fun 💃💃

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