Name: Bullet
Surname: Harmless
Age: middle-aged
Work: at the local museum
Life: too boring
Family situation: divorced

Place: Rsa – a small, boring, sleepy town located so far away that even Google Maps needs a moment to find it.
Local entertainment: Nothing happens in Rsa, except for the occasional wedding/divorce, harvest festival on the Main Square, and the games of Rsa’s crazy teens who enjoy scaring off quiet families during Halloween, or vandalizing their cars by night on weekends. Sunday-fun options are: 1) Meetups with friends you don’t have; 2) Follow parents to the church; 3) Become the center of local gossip – either by chance or intentionally. For example, you can spread around that you worship the local magnate’s fifth wife, sell self-transformational drugs, or that you are trying to recover from being a dirty knickers addict. In fact, any kind of “drama” would do the trick…

Bullet’s parents: Mother – determined, egocentric, doesn’t listen to anyone, nosy with a narcissistic disorder, local fashion and gossip queen; Father – weak, depressed, surrounded by the endless rules he has to follow, under the heel of his wife.
Ex-wife: vital, spontaneous, emotional, often overly serious and unable to appreciate Bullet’s sense of humor, lives by the rule: “I know I am imperfect, but I make others believe I am perfect.”

The central theme of the book:

  1. A romantic journey of finding yourself;
  2. An exciting adventure of a middle-aged country dweller who accidentally finds himself in a situation where he becomes the fighter of Love and an Open Mind against Hate and Prejudice.

The main question: the hero of this story is constantly searching for himself and the meaning of life. He is the modern, XXI century Don Quixote, who is looking for the lady of his heart, so-called Sobekneferu – an idolized crocodile dream-woman from Egypt. Will he find her?

Bullet’s journey is not only about the escape from his ‘prison’ – daily boredom and emotional dependency on past relationships – but also a genuinely mind-expanding experience with the infinite possibilities that the world provides to each of us.

The process: Bullet is tired of being what everybody expects him to be. In order to liberate his real self, he tries to “take off the leash around his neck,” but the anxious temperament of the worrier inside paralyzes him each time he attempts to change his life situation. So, he continues to spend most of his free time reading, working, and dreaming about the fantastic life outside Rsa. A lack of sex leads him to a meeting at the bridge, which pushes him to the dispute at work with the local magnate’s fifth wife, Mrs. Vegas. This confrontation gradually guides him to solve a crime and provides a route (under suspicious circumstances: in an unconscious state and on the run from the Law) to leave his hometown. The genuine desire to find the love of his life, to come out of a vicious circle of apathy and prejudice, and to become free helps him to ‘come home.’

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The attached file contains 29 chapters of the story. The rest of the book will be added at the end of 2022. It will be published as a diary in 2023.